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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Where we are in the Process

State Mandated Process

  •  Economic Empowerment Application                      submittal (City and State) -  Approved
  •  Background Check -  Approved
  •  Hire Individual(s)   (with a drug related Cori) -       Completed 
  •  Land Survey and Architectural                                 drawings for Zoning - Completed 
  •  Set up an Escrow account - Completed
  •   Pay Fees- completed
  •   Community Engagement- Engaging
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How You Can Help 

    WE NEED Community Support 

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Go Fund Me


@ $Cannabis LITTLE guy commercial "United WE Stand

What Happened?!
BIG $$$$$ corporations have come into local communities and are attempting to TAKE OVER the cannabis industry. The only chance " WE" all have in this new industry is to "UNITE".

I am a Female
I am a Bostonian
I am a Veteran
I am committed to the challenge of succeeding


The Recommended Treatment?
Create global awareness and funding to support ALL of the disenfranchised communities who have suffered, been harshly persecuted, convicted, imprisoned, evicted and adversely impacted during this generational "Prohibition on Cannabis".

How Can You Help?
We are seeking donations and contributions - Everything will help
This link is a trailer to the commercial:


This link is to the " Cannabis Anthem" aka "The LITTLE Guy Commercial" 


1.     We are the first place winners of a cannabis  investment presentation                   Sponsored by MCcarter and English Law firm, Boston.

2.     We want to perfect the commercial and the jingle for the national  audience platform we are presenting to in NYC July 2019.

3.       These funds will allow us to perfect the presentation of the "Cannabis  Anthem" aka "The Little Guy's Commercial"
                                 "The little guys opportunity".

                             After all Cannabis does start from a single seed

We would love for you to support us:
website: www.alchemyleague.com

Facebook : Alchemy League 

tweet: @alchemyLeague

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To provide high quality cannabis to customers with a product and service they can trust. To build our brand on the core values of customer service, care, hospitality, highest standards of quality, honesty, integrity and community outreach


The vision of Alchemy League is to become the most popular purveyor of cannabis products in Massachusetts and always be on the cutting edge of developing accessible cannabis solutions to address society’s problems.

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Our primary goal is to advocate and support a proactive approach to health management by providing a local and safe environment to dispense cannabis and cannabis products. We seek to become experts in developing unique applications and products, while ALWAYS BEING community oriented and operating with the highest ethical and quality standards.



We understand the need for the Economically Disadvantaged and Disenfranchised community to become Economically Empowered.

We must level the participation field for wealth equality. Alchemy League has made a VERY CONSCIOUS DECISION  to not engage in big business capital investment. We are opening the doors to the community for investment opportunities.

For more info please email: Info@eastonadvisors.com 

Job and Training Opportunities
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Job Opportunities

  1. At least 51% of current employees/sub-contractors reside in areas of disproportionate impact and will increase to 75% by first day of business; 
  2. At least 51% of employees or sub-contractors have drug-related CORI, but are otherwise legally employable in a cannabis-related enterprise; 
  3. A majority of the ownership is made up of individuals from Black, African American, Hispanic, or Latino descent;  Owners can demonstrate significant past experience in or business practices that promote economic empowerment in areas of disproportionate impact.

Subscribe for more information on our contact Page.

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Training Opportunities

Qualifying applicants and licensees can receive training and technical assistance in the following areas: 

  1. Management, recruitment, and employee training 
  2. Accounting and sales forecasting 
  3. Tax prediction and legal compliance
  4. Business plan creation and operational development 
  5. Marijuana industry best practices 
  6. Assistance in identifying/raising funds or capital


Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Massachusetts Yes on question 4


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