“Never sacrifice integrity
for profitability”

-Leah Daniels

Alchemy League was founded in response to the hypocrisy of a system that planned on profiting from an industry it has for so long criminalized. Once medicinal cannabis became legal, founder Leah Daniels began to see profit quickly flow to the very top, leaving those who were disproportionately targeted by the war on drugs, minorities, and the poor, in the dust. She saw it also leaving behind communities that desperately needed the economic support a cannabis business could provide, but couldn’t tap into because of lack of funding and support to start these businesses. So Daniels decided to do something about it, and began the long, and needlessly arduous process to start a cannabis business of her own in Holyoke. Despite four years of hurdles and roadblocks, Massachusetts’s first Black woman, veteran, and LGBTQ+ owned cannabis business was officially born! Leah has broken through and hit the ground running, determined to make a difference in an increasingly corporate and historically unjust industry.

The system is broken, and Alchemy League is a bridge that must be built to help repair it, to bring justice, and equity to those who have been hurt the most — and to build a brand new system. One that lacks the hypocrisy of the old, and embraces the equality of the new.

“It’s hard to keep your integrity and do this at the same time. I’ve gotten this far without giving up any equity, and it’s all because of the support of my family and friends and partners who believe in this mission of equity and inclusion. Only together can we make this happen.”

Our retail shop in Holyoke will focus on offering quality cannabis products, as well as consumer convenience and education, with drive through pick-up and in-person and online consultations available to our customers. The store will also offer a variety of locally and sustainably-made ancillary products including plant-based remedies, clothing, wellness products, and other relevant goods and services.

Our Partners

Stay tuned for more information on our retail store, opening this summer!
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