Leah Daniels, Founder & CEO

Veteran and life-long resident of Roxbury, Leah Daniels is the Founder of Alchemy League & Green Industry Funded Training (GIFT). With a background in construction, contracting, compliance, and green energy, Leah has been known to advocate for disenfranchised people in her field. To increase equity and opportunity for those in the green energy and construction space, she founded GIFT several years ago, funded by the state of Massachusetts with graduates of the program still reaping the benefits of the training they received through the program.

In 2017, Leah turned her attention to a new “green” enterprise, starting Alchemy League, a cannabis brand she hoped would one day increase patient’s access to plant medicine, increase equity and opportunity in the industry for veterans, minorities, and those disproportionally targeted by the war on drugs, and, finally, support individuals struggling with addiction to explore cannabis as an alternative or “exit drug.”

Today, Leah is the sole owner of Alchemy League, with licenses from the state of MA to dispense recreational and medical cannabis. To help other “economic empowerment” and “social equity” candidates striving to enter the industry in MA, Leah is also launching GIFT (Green Industry Funded Training) a mentorship and training program now for “green” (cannabis) entrepreneurs and businesses. Alchemy League is the first mentee of the program, with Revolutionary Clinics as its first mentor assisting Alchemy League’s team with opening its doors this summer!

Interested in joining our team?

At this time, Alchemy League is exclusively recruiting passively for our store in Holyoke, meaning we are accepting applications for all roles but may not reach out until we are ready to fill that position. If you are interested in employment with Alchemy League, please send your resume and cover letter to Thank you!

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