The G.I.F.T. Pilot Program

The Solution to Equity and Inclusion in Cannabis

G.i.f.t. Stands for Green Industry Funded Training

One of the reasons why there aren’t more diverse cannabis shops is the difficulty in navigating the needlessly complex system–not to mention the difficulty in finding funding. The response to this problem? Our GIFT program! GIFT stands for Green Industry Funding Training, an immersive mentoring program designed to offer a hand up to those wishing to succeed in the cannabis world.


We’ll let Leah tell you in her own words.

“We’re giving back by paying it forward with a program that allows for an easier transition for those who wish to join the legal industry. We’re actually listening to people, to the community, and making all we’ve learned open source for those businesses enrolled in G.I.F.T. that deserve a fair chance."

As the first mentee of G.I.F.T., Alchemy will gain support from its mentor, recreational and medical cannabis brand Revolutionary Clinics, to open their first recreational retail storefront this summer. After several months of operating, Alchemy League will then become a mentor of the GIFT program, inviting students of the program to shadow their staff and providing them the resources to land shelf space in Alchemy League’s stores and others cannabis retail shops.

It’s not just giving back, it’s paying it forward — and that’s how you change a system from the ground up, we do it together.

Alchemy is addressing the
miseducation of cannabis with community programs that include:


Education for those with pain, on pain medicine, and struggling with addiction on holistic options like cannabis and other medicinal herbs & plants, including online options for the deaf, blind, and non native speakers with subtitles, interpreters, & more.


Discounts for patients who can’t afford medical cannabis cards.


Diversity & inclusion will be a priority, hiring differently abled team members including veterans, elderly, and those with physical disabilities and designing our packaging for the blind with wax braille.


Holistic & medical professionals to offer counseling and coaching in private rooms in dispensaries for those seeking more information & support from professional counselors, nurses, and addiction specialists.

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